Mauricio and Ophelia de la Garza together with Raul Guevara Soto serve the Lord in Monclova, Mexico.  The work there is a grass roots project; but the church is growing and thriving under the guidance of Mauricio and Raul.  We support Mauricio and Raul financially, through prayer and correspondence, and also through an annual mission effort where many of our members travel to Monclova to help these two missionaries with needs of the church there.  This work is also a vital and thriving work in the Lord's Kingdom.

  Rick Owen works in the construction of church buildings in Mexico.  The government of Mexico will not recognize any church unless they have a public meeting place.  Rick Owen's work enables the church in Mexico to move forward in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with lost people.  We minimally support Rick's work on a monthly basis and many of our members have worked on building projects in Mexico under Rick's oversight.

 Tim Brumfield works under the oversight of World Bible School in Cedar Park, Texas,  to administer, coordinate and empower missionaries in many different foreign fields.  His work has been extensive in Mozambique and South Sudan.