Just a Note from Your Friends at the Third and Kilgore Church…

Our goal at Third and Kilgore is to share the love of God with those around us. We long to be of service to others and gladly share the abundance of blessings God has provided, the greatest being the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This church is a warm and caring group of believers saved from sin and prepared for service to our community. We welcome you to worship with us and become a vital part of this body.

Take a look and find a place where you can get plugged in!

Welcome Center
If you love to greet people and make them feel at home, our Welcome Center is the place for you! As a servant in this area, you would greet members and visitors, offer bottled water or coffee, direct visitors to the right Bible classes, answer questions, and simply bless people who have come to worship our Lord Jesus.
Bible Classes

Bible class is a great place to meet your peer group and come to know God through study of the scriptures. We have Bible classes for all ages and will gladly study the Bible individually with anyone, anywhere.

Bible class teachers are always needed. We are on a quarter system which means our teachers serve in a class for three months at a time. Maybe, you love to work with children, or you’re a great storyteller, or you enjoy teaching adults. If so, we have a place for you! Let us know where you would like to help.

The Pantry
Our members maintain a pantry of grocery items in order to help others who are in need.  We keep staple items such as flour, sugar, cooking oil, etc. as well as canned vegetables, fruit and meats.  You can help in this ministry by bringing in food items to stock the shelves, or in filling the bags to have them ready and waiting for those who come to our building during the week asking for aid. 
The pantry also exists for our own members who have difficulties from time to time and need assistance.  Please feel welcome to share your needs with us so we may give you the help you need.  
Sound Technicians 
Do you have expertise in running sound equipment, video and audio? If so, you may want to serve in our sound room.  Those who serve in this area are a major part of the smooth transition of worship from singing, praying, reading scripture, etc.  
Song Leading
Hymns, and spiritual songs are a vital part of every worship service.  Men who can lead the church in singing are needed and appreciated.  Let us know that you would like to serve by leading congregational singing.
Praying & Scripture Reading
Every time the church gathers, we pray together and listen to the scriptures being read.  Although these activities take only a few minutes, they are vital to the health of the body.  The men of the church volunteer for this responsibility, making our times of worship edifying to all.  
Children's Church 
Young children are dismissed (not mandatory) to Children's Church when it is time for the sermon.  This is a place where children hear a Bible story presented in a way they can understand, sing songs appropriate for their ages, and learn to pray and share with others.  Maybe, you have a special love for teaching children about Jesus or for crafts and other creative teaching tools.  We need your help in Children's Church!
Wednesday Nite Bite
On Wednesday evenings, we meet at 6:00 pm and have a meal together. The purpose of the meal is to encourage college-age believers to stay connected to church.  Various members volunteer to prepare and serve the meal which is offered free to college students and for a small donation to other members.  We would love to plug you in to help prepare and serve these meals!  It is a wonderful pit-stop in the middle of our week. 
Family Events Ministry
In a family the size of ours, opportunities abound to bless each other. A wedding, a newborn baby, a graduation... all are times for celebration. Maybe, you could plan and coordinate a wedding or baby shower, decorate, provide a cake or make some punch. Perhaps, you could volunteer to help with Graduation Sunday to honor our kindergarten and high school grads?
Then, there are times of sorrow and loss when someone needs a word of comfort, good food to eat, a gentle touch or encouragement. Here, you can offer to bring a dish, help serve a meal to the grieving family, set up before the meal and clean up afterward. In this way, you become the hands and feet of Christ to the hurting.
Bible Education Support
Workers are needed to decorate bulletin boards and the children's classrooms. Creative ideas and hands for working with crafts are talents we value. Maybe, you would enjoy organizing materials for the Teacher's Resource Room? We'll let you!
Fellowship Luncheons
The fourth Sunday of each month is set aside for a potluck lunch after the morning worship service. We always need help to set up before and clean up after these luncheons. If you love to support others and give your time to "background" service, you may want to volunteer to help with the monthly luncheons. Kitchen helpers are greatly appreciated!
Lunch for our Teens
During the regular school session, our youth minister likes to provide lunch once a week for the teens. Volunteers in this area usually set up, prepare, and serve a teen-friendly menu in our multi-purpose room. Our teens enjoy time in a relaxed environment and this is an excellent outreach for them. Inviting their friends to come eat with them is a wonderful means of outreach to their peers. Is this where you fit?
Van Drivers
Offering a ride to someone may just be the best way to get them to attend worship services. You may find a fulfilling place for you is to drive the van to pick up those who are new to our town or unable to drive themselves to worship. Folks are grateful for assistance like this which blesses the driver as much as the passengers. Do you qualify? It takes only a willing heart and a smile!