Below, you can see what we're currently learning, but before we get to that, we'd like to take a minute to help explain how we teach.

Our Sunday morning classes are focused on the text. Our children’s ministry does a wonderful job at training the students on the basics, and so in our 7th-12th Sunday morning class we want to go deeper into God’s word. The goal is that during their time in the youth program they will go through the entire Bible with us.

But beyond Sunday, we want our students to continue the study at home or in school. We also want to help develop daily Bible reading and prayer habits for our students, so we send out daily “Reading Challenges.” These reading challenges have different purposes for different days, but typically have 3 parts (except Friday & Saturday). Mondays are focused on reviewing what we just discussed in Class Sunday. Tuesday thru Thursday continue that conversation thru additional texts related to the focus from Sunday morning. Friday & Saturday focus on giving students the opportunity to read ahead to be ready for class on Sunday.

The three parts of the reading challenges are Scripture, Devotional & Prayer. For the reading challenges we try to keep the scripture to 1-3 verses. Although we would love students to read multiple chapters a day, just like preparing for a sporting event you don’t start by trying to deadlift 400 pounds when you might only lift 10. Our goal here is to begin to develop that discipline of reading. The devotional thought is designed to help the students reflect on what was just read and how to apply it to their daily life. The prayer section is designed to give students the freedom to pray on their own while still providing guidance to help them ask God to use the text read to shape their life.

Also on Sunday’s we have a handout for each student that has the notes for class, any relevant event information coming up and the reading challenges for each day on the back. It also leaves room for prayer requests so that students can take those home and continue praying for someone afterwards.

 During the year (after Labor Day until the end of May), our teens meet on Sundays for Life Groups (as does the rest of the church). Devotional times vary on time & content, but here are some basics:
Time to Meet     
Although most of our devotional meetings are in the evening, sometimes we meet in the afternoon after worship because some of our students live pretty far from the church.
Types of Meetings     
The majority of our meetings are combined groups, but every so often we will have split Guy/Girl activities to give a more focused devotional time.
Content can vary based on need or student requests. 
Okay, so that’s a lot of info, but we want to make sure you understand that there is a reason for everything we do. It’s more than just doing something because it’s expected or to try and entertain – everything we do is with the purpose of making the most of every opportunity to know more of God!
Below are the things we are studying currently, along with links for the Sunday morning handouts! If you’d like to see what we’ve studied in the past, click on the Archive link. There you can see what we have covered previously as well as the collected notes for the Sunday classes.